UPDATE: For now I am taking a break from this project to work on something else, as modeling all of one of the maps like financial is going to take years. I’m currently working on a multiplayer zombie survival game for phones and tablets called survivalz, which is free roam and large scale, on a huge map. The game can be found at the link below this and will be released this year

Upon finding a multiplayer kit (credits will be placed below) for unity and the creator allowing me to use it for my project, I have now implemented it with my city that I’m putting together with some low poly buildings just as a test, and my APB car is back in the game. The ui needs to be adjusted a little but it works for now, multiplayer works, you can create a server and have another device join, though there are a lot of bugs I’ll have to work out with the placement of the controls for look and movement in some weird positions on high res devices but it works.
Next will be to add my rigged apb character and make the camera third person, and set up my car enter exit script in this new scene.




Thanks to Deatrocker and TheMars2011 for their work on Deatrocker’s Multiplayer Kit


Back from holiday and today I’ve finally been able to get my script working for entering and exiting cars with an on screen button (the proper button image I will create later).


Now my plans for the next week or so are to implement:

– Driving touch controls
– A third person character from the game (character customisation obviously planned some time in the future)
– And making a start on importing models from the game that I have saved into the map.

Also, although my primary focus right now is development on android, once its finished I have decided that as well as developing this for iOS, I will also work on a windows phone version, depending on how much interest there is for it

APB Reloaded Mobile Dev Update 001

Posted: December 27, 2013 in Uncategorized

I have now got the third person controller working though I still need a rigged character for it which I can do later, right now I’m focusing on the core game functionality. I’m now creating an on screen button with my enter/exit car script so you can switch between walking to driving. So far everything is working pretty well and things have been steadily progressing. Ill put screen shots below. Oh and I’ve managed to export the financial spawn building from the PC game to 3ds max and that will be added to the city once its been optimised for mobile. So far though the game runs smoothly on my nexus 5 at full HD resolution, though obviously it doesn’t look anything too flash yet. (Sorry if the screen shot quality is blurry, It looks a lot smoother in the game)

post2pic1  post2pic2


Pictures and updates below:

I haven’t posted anything in awhile but I thought people might be interested to know what my current project is. I have started up again in unity, this time with the goal of re-creating APB Reloaded in the Unity engine, first making it run on PC just like the normal game (except of course without the servers and multiplayer, at least for now), and then I will make it mobile and touch optimised for a port to android (Which is my main focus right now) and iOS in future if there is enough interest. So yes that’s right, APB on your phone! Obviously with controller support in mind also. I have no idea how long this will take me but in two or three days I have managed to extract the 3D model of my Bashida Rapier car from the game with the textures, preparing it for a glitch free import to unity (which wasn’t easy), I then made a script to be able to exit and enter the car as a 3rd person character, with basic player and vehicle movement controls.

However I have now decided to start again with the base of Edys Vehicle Physics pack so the cars have better control and response when you drive them, it now feels much more realistic. Now all I need to do Is add in my 3rd person character with the script to enter and exit the car and that will be my basic movement around the game finished. Now my plans for the future are to download the maps (waterfront and financial) and import them into unity also, which will not be an easy task and if it is too difficult I will probably resort to just modelling the buildings from scratch and making the map as accurate as possible to how it is in the game.

Work so far:


If you have any suggestions for the game or tweaks you think should be made to the current APB, leave a comment with your ideas, and I will also take suggestions for the next car models to be added, etc. Thanks


Also as a sidenote, the plans for this are purely for personal use, in the future if this goes somewhere with development and there is enough interest I may send this on to gamersfirst if they see potential in it or whoever holds the copyright for the game but right now I’m not going to be distributing it.